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First Chronicles:

This book reviews the Hebrew history. From Abraham's son Isaac were two sons -- Esau and Jacob, who was renamed "Israel." The sons of Israel were the 12 tribes of Israel:

The last two eventually became the "Southern Kingdom," and the others the "Northern Kingdom."

One of the reasons for King Saul's problems was his consulting a medium. (1 Chronicles 10:13; see also 1 Samuel 28). Jerusalem was called Jebus (from where the Jebusites, the original inhabitants, lived), and then "Fortress of Zion," and later "City of David," before finally Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 11: 4-6). The Lord told King David (1 Chronicles 17:11-12) that his line would always be the royal line but that his son would build the temple. David's census, showing 1,570,000 men of military age, was not authorized by God (1 Chronicles 21).

David was given credit for getting the materials ready for the temple, although not for its construction.

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