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Joshua took over after Moses died. At one point, the Jordon River became dry and allowed all the Hebrews to cross (Joshua 3:12-17).

Jericho (Joshua 6): God instructed the Hebrew army to walk around the walled city once a day for six days with seven priests walking ahead of the Ark. On the seventh day, they were to walk around the city for seven times with the priests blasting on ram's-horn trumpets, finally giving one long, loud blast with all people shouting. This caused the walls of Jericho to crumble, so that Jericho was defeated.

The taking of the Promised Land by fighting the occupants was described. At one point (Joshua 10: 13-14), the sun and moon were stopped for a day. Joshua, at 110, died. The final burial of the bones of Joseph that had been carried all the time since the Exodus from Egypt was reported (Joshua 24:32).


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